How To Make Payment

Secure, Fast And Easy.

Methods Of Payment.

1. Payment Via Transfer.

You can make the payment via Western Union Or Money Gram.

This goes to our customers making payments less than $2,000.00.. Such fees are needed for immediate use to activate either flight tickets or vet checks. You will have to use this 3rd Payment Option because we need the money for immediate use, And we have this western union and money gram transfer services is all our Sub branch office. You have to make this payment, via western union post office or Money gram post offices, using the details, of our director of budget partition and control. You have to make the payment immediately
We provides airfreight consolidations to all major destinations

2. Online Payment?
All Payments Ranging From $2000 - $1000,000 Are Being Transfered To Our Bank Acc, Using Your Credit Card Below

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